Monday, April 9, 2012

Book vs. Movie - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I decided that I wanted more diversity on my blog, so I decided to start comparing some books and movies. I am not sure how often I will do this, but I hope that I will do it at least once a month.

I decided to start off this feature with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .

The Book                                                             

  The Movie (the newer version, directed by Tim Burton)

What I thought:
The book was definitely an amazing piece of children's literature. It was well-written and had excellent pacing. There was a lot of crazy and imaginative things that will appeal to anyone, not just children. Also, it had some really nice themes.

I thought that the movie was excellent. All the main parts of the book were in the movie. There were a few changes, but i think that just made the movie even better, ex.
  • In the book, all the children except Charlie brought two parents with them. In the movie, all of them brought only one, therefore there were less people around and it was less confusing.
  • In the movie a story arc about Willy WOnka's father was added, which was heart-warming and beautiful. I wish it was in the book.
 Overall , both the book and the movie are great!

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