Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book Review - "Demonglass" by Rachel Hawkins

Publisher - Hyperion
Release Date - March 22, 2011
Number of Pages - 359
Series - Hex Hall #2

(Synopsis not included in order to avoid spoilers)

My Thoughts:
1. I really loved the characters in this one! Sophie was sassy and awesome, Archer seemed more likeable, Cal was just and amazing and Jenna is the coolest fictional vampire.
2.  The actiona scenes were written very well. It was very easy to imagine what was going on and it did not get confusing.
3. The setting, which was an old mansion in the English countryside, was totally awesome and it really fit the story.
4. The dialogue and the sarcastic remarks made this book very enjoyable.
5. Because of the ending, I MUST HAVE THE NEXT BOOK!

Overall, this is an amazing sequel and I recommend this series to everyone.
Rating - A+

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