Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Little Me Tag

1. The most randomest moment of 2011 so far?
Seeing a teacher running randomly in the hallway turning around with a frightened look on his face. ( Seriously, I have no idea what was going on.)
2. Do you own a e-reader of any type?
3. What is you most scariest childhood memory?
Going to cemetery and seeing a snake.
4. What is your favourite type of gaming console?
Nintendo Wii.
5. What is your current obsession?
6. Do you still have toys/clothes from when you were little?
7. Do you think any movie/drama spoiled the book?
8. Your favourite cinema treat?
9. What are you like when you are hyper?
I sing random songs, say random stuff and I act crazy.
10. What are you three favourite possessions?
My ice skates, my Virgin Mary necklace and my books of course!
11. What is the worst gift you ever got?
A toy gun from my grandpa, when I was 6 (I'm a girl, for crying out loud!)
12. Would you fly a plane or ride a motor bike?
Ride a motor bike.
13. What is the worst song you ever heard?
"Friday" by Rebecca Black
14. What is your favourite board game?
Guess Who?
15. Have you ever tried pocky and if so what did you think of it?
What's pocky?
16. Have you ever taken part in a talent show and if so what do you do and how did you feel?
I auditioned for talent show with my friends in grade 6, but we didn't make it. We sang "Rockstar" by Hannah Montana.

This tag was created by Lolchan from YouTube. I tag everyone who feels like doing this tag!

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